F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Why Consult With An Interior Designer?


A PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGNER conceptualizes the BIG Picture, helping all clients to not make unwise decisions from the design through to colour schemes and the finishing touches – WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO CREATE AMBIENCE TO A SPACE – NOT JUST A SPACE.

A PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGNER can help to advise on the appropriate scheme to suite your lifestyle and budget.

AS A PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGNER/ CONSULTANT we have a FEE. This FEE allows us to think outside the square which will in turn benefit all clients with surplitive design and less loss of money and time; when individually the client could make the wrong commitments due to inexperience of choosing fixtures and inaccurate measurements.

For a fraction of the cost of your property, is it not wise to leverage the knowledge and experience of those who know best and to free yourself to do the things that you do best? 

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN outcomes are what INTERIOR DESIGNERS inheritally end up with ! In GOOD DESIGN you truly improve the way you live within the environment.

When Should An Interior Designer Be Used?

-When you are contemplating buying or building a new house.
-When you plan a major addition to your home.
-When you want to renovate or remodle your living space.
-Whenever you need to relate interior design considerations to an existing space or yet to be formulated architectural plans.
-When your residence will be used for occasional social functions.
-When your expanding family needs to “REORGANIZE” space allocations.
-Whenever you need full project co-ordination.
-When you like a variety of styles but are not sure how to group them together.
-Whenever you feel that you need PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE. The requirement of new drapes, floor coverings, furniture and accessories.

What does your company do?

SquareDesigns Corporate is an interior design studio based in Brisbane that works across all aspects of the interior design process. Our studio provides all our clients the type of detail that gives confidence and reassurance that the project outcomes will be a success. We create spaces that fit your life and business styles, while having the ability to enhance and create exciting spaces for all situations. We offer both design and consulting services to suit your needs from small or big and low or high budgets.

How much will interior design cost me?

SquareDesigns Corporate have formulated many affordable cost solutions for all types of clientele. We understand that project types come in many facets and believe they should be priced accordingly to the brief provided by our clients. We endeavor to maintain transparency within all our projects to make sure all clients have faith in our ability to provide superior service at an affordable price no matter the project.

Why is Squaredesigns Corporate is the best choice for interior design?

If you want Diversity of design and that personal touch to you design needs, SquareDesign Corporate is the business to use. We have completed a multitude of infrastructure, commercial and residential projects for a combining 16 years. With our industry experience and qualified professionals, the team works to bridge the gap between a project’s full potential and the boundaries imposed by the realities of life, your home and working environments. We believe that service is the key to a happy client and great project outcomes one would say that this separates us from the ordinary.

What is the PROCESS for interior design projects?

Stage 1: Define Brief

We will define the brief and decide the scope of work, your goals and how to best achieve the function and ambience of your space.


Stage 2: Schematic Design (concept)

In Schematic Design we review your brief and thoroughly research your ideas and present these to translate what we believe your concept is. Our concept response to your brief is presented through a selection of reference imagery, finishes, sketches and 3D Renders. Our designs are manicured to provide an innovative space that meets your needs anticipating your life, and business style.


Stage 3: Design Development

In Design Development, initially a preliminary drawing package of detailed plans and elevations will be drawn for you to visualize your project vision as accurately as possible to make informed decisions before moving through the rest of the process. Colours, finishes, materials, Fittings, lighting and hardware will be selected requiring client feedback for sign off and documents adjusted before sending the project documentation out to tender.


Stage 4: Tender

Our drawings will be sent to tender and facilitate negotiations with builders. We make changes if necessary, and drive for the best possible outcome within your budget.


Stage 5: Construction Documentation

Once your ideas have been cemented, we document the entire drawing package for construction then certification. This Construction documentation becomes the blueprint that instructs builders, contractors and joiners how to build your project.

Stage 6: Contract Administration

When the project is on stie contract administration is completed by the interior designer making sure that the design intent is not lost over the course of the project.  As the project is coming to its closure and completion defects are completed by the interior designer for builder amendment.

How do I know I am going to be satisfied with your work?

As noted previously we at SquareDesigns Corporate believe that our clients are the most important entity of any project. We believe that a great design is the culmination of a tri-party relationship between a designer, a client and the space. We are qualified, motivated and highly skilled and we will present you with interesting and innovative designs that will communicate your brief in budget.

How do I get started?

Firstly you need to decide what you would like to change, redesign/ design or replace.  Then decide on a budget that you can afford to complete the project as well as deciding the level of detail you would like the space or entity to be then CONTACT US.  We at SquareDesign Corporate would welcome the opportunity to work alongside you and/or your company to produce exceptional interior design project. Contact us now via phone or email for more information, we look forward to meet you and hear about your project.